Suc­cess­ful through the crisis with the right products

On Tues­day I fin­ished my little trade fair marathon.

It went from the Mais­on & Objet in Par­is, to Biele­feld to the EK live autumn fair and crown­ing con­clu­sion was the Genuss­gip­fel in Cologne.

For me, it was once again con­firmed that it is import­ant to “keep it rolling“. Des­pite buy­ing restraint, cus­tom­ers expect new products and ideas. Espe­cially now, cus­tom­ers would like to sur­round theirselves with beau­ti­ful things and cook­ing.  Enjoy­ing in the circle of loved ones is simply part of it. What could be bet­ter than to awaken a need in your cus­tom­ers by present­ing them with appeal­ing worlds of enjoy­ment in the form of articles/problem solv­ers and by provid­ing fun and enjoy­ment? Import­ant here is not only the right product for the right tar­get group but also the attract­ive present­a­tion and descrip­tion. Here it gives on the part of many man­u­fac­tur­ers and also vendors still some to do. Let’s tackle it – I’m look­ing for­ward to it.